Monday, June 04, 2007

Richmond Dim Sum... See I didn't forget to post :P

Rating **** out of *****
As I had promised, in a previous post, that I would write about my Yum Cha experience at Neptune in Richmond... I am now ready to fulfill that promise :)

My family loves to go to Richmond as often as we can, and what's one of the places we always go to? You can guess by the title... YUM CHA! We usually end up going to Neptune, which has the best foods for the most reasonable prices. Here are some pictures of what we ordered!

We usually call this lovely trio of goodies. Woo kok (deep fried taro pasteries), deep fried mantou with condensed milk (see close up to the right) and my personal favourite... baked radish pasteries.

How 'bout some shanghai dumplings with red vinegar? Always a classic. Neptune makes really good dumplings!

Law Pak Kow (pan-fried radish cake) is my little sisters favourite dish. These ones were a bit on the soft side :( I like mine more crunchy... that way they don't fall to pieces when you try to pick them up. And they don't leave chunks in your chilli when you dip them! Hehehe

These were different... I really wanted to pick something from the menu that I had never eaten before. So I decided that this time I would order the pan-fried pumpkin cake. It was a bit sweet, and had chunks of sweet potato mixed into it. I really liked it! The texture was similar to neen gao (which I also love) and tasted even better dredged in chilli sauce... yes, I'm a chilli fiend :P

That's about all I have to say about Neptune. Next time I go, I think I'll try out a couple more "new" dishes... it's always fun to sample new foods.

After eating at Neptune we headed next door to City Fresh Market and bought some goodies. Here are some of the pics from the bakery (my fave section in every supermarket!)...

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