Thursday, October 12, 2006

Holy Poops!

I cannot believe that it's been over a month since I've blogged something! It's not like my life has been so boring that I've had nothing to share with the world... actually it's the opposite. I've been having such a hectic week... no wait, make that month! The first few weeks of univeristy life have been amazing and eye opening. I really love being treated as a "grown-up", seems weird to say but yeah... I love it.
What I don't love so much is all the homework that comes along with university freedom. Truly we are prisoners to a paradoxical life. Actually, now that you mention it I haven't been given a butt-load of homework yet it seems like a lot because of all the reading we have to do. Again irony plays the true evil in my life. The class that I have the most reading and studying for is my 8 o'clock class. This means that I'm up late the night before class and I have to wake up early in order to get to that class on time. *FRUSTRATION*

I'm suppose to be starting my readings for tomorrow's Nursing class and I haven't even read the stuff I was suppose to read for Monday's class! I don't think I'll ever catch up, am I a horrible person? Oh yeah, I'm going into the Nursing profession SUPRISE and it really is a blast doing all the cool labs. I can't wait until I start clinical in January. I just love working with people, and I'm sure it'll be different performing techniques on client rather than our classmates.
I've heard from one of my professors that November is the month that people usually quit or drop out of something... I'm thinking to myself, "WHAT... November?!!? We've only just started October and I've got November to worry about... stink!"
Anyways I should get back to reading since I'm so far behind. I can't believe that November is almost here... and after that December (I can't wait until CHRISTMAS<-- it's my favourite holiday).

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thanksgiving is coming...

Well... I bet you'd have expected me to have made a great thanksgiving feast. Actually, I didn't have enough time to do practically anything special for thanksgiving :( I was really looking forward to making my first turkey with my Pops but I suppose that'll have to wait till next year... or, until Christmas. Sadly all I got to do was make the mashed potatoes; but not to worry I made them from scratch (none of that instant stuff- if you can even call those potatoes).
Man, university has been really tiresome. It takes so much effort and time (but I guess I would have expected that, considering that nothing comes easy in life eh?). Well, after finishing my nursing lab exam I had a bit of extra time to prepare a batch of tasty cookies. I saw this cool festive cookie idea in one of my Betty Crocker emails. Anyways I didn't use any cookie mix, I made it from scratch (my first choice always) and my sisters loved it. I also made some to bring to a friends Halloween party and they were just nibbled up so quickly. The last cookie even had 2 people fighting over it! How exciting... don't you just love it when people fight over something you've made? Maybe it's just me.

So anyways, here's a beautiful close-up picture of my awesome Candy Corn Cookies. Enjoy looking... and imagine tasting :P

Marbeled Chocolate Banana Bread

Wow it's been a while... seems like that's how I'm going to start all of my blog entries from now on. *sigh*
What have I been up to? Glad you asked. So far it's been mostly university stuff: writing papers, preparing for midterms, reading up on labs and so on.

Marbeled Chocolate Banana Bread... delicious :P
I made this a while back and just haven't gotten around to posting it. I know, I know I'm an aweful person. Anyways, the recipe I used was from and it's really simple. I just love the marbeling effect that was created in this recipe. I could have marbeled mine a bit more, but it still looks pretty good eh? Looks like the marbeling would take a long time, but really it's one of the simplest techniques and gives off an elegant look. Try it, and impress someone!

Hawaii Part 1 1/2 (well this one's mainly just about the food)

Wow, when you go to Hawaii you first think sandy beaches and a beautifully warm tropical breeze. Then maybe coconuts and other cliché images of the island. But Waikiki has an amazing aray of culinary delights which you have to try at least once. They really love their spam down there. Even at McDonald's they have a lunch item called saimin, which is basically mr. noodles with spicy fish stock and spam. For breakfast they have an entire menu dedicated to none other than spam. Even walking by a 7-11 my eye was caught by something I had to try... Spam musubi. Here's the one I brought back to our hotel... it may look a bit odd, but by george it was good!

The japanese play a big role in influencing Hawaiin cuisine... I was walking through the Ala Moana shopping center with my sister when we spotted a japanese rice treat stand. They were selling sakura mochi! I had to buy that too (oh, and let me give you a heads up... if you ask them "Do you have mall discount?" you'll get 10% off, even if you don't work there. Try it!) Anyways here's the pic. Along with a picture of Hawaiin Andugi, kinda like the malay deep fried sweet potato ball... and just as tasty. Sad to say I did not eat the Mcdonald spam breakfast platter, but I did end up

going to a great sushi restaurant, Genki Sushi. It was the first time I had been to one of those sushi places where you could pick your sushi dish from the conveyer belt... and I must say that it was pretty cool. I expected more flavor from the sushi, but I guess I was more impressed with the conveyer belt than the food itself... and while we sat down to lunch you could see the machines making the sushi. Yup, sushi's no longer made by hand my friends...

well, that's all the photos of food I took guys. But there's tons more variety there in Waikiki... to really get the feel for Hawaiin cuisine, you'd have to take a trip down to the island yourself. Happy Travels!