Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thanksgiving is coming...

Well... I bet you'd have expected me to have made a great thanksgiving feast. Actually, I didn't have enough time to do practically anything special for thanksgiving :( I was really looking forward to making my first turkey with my Pops but I suppose that'll have to wait till next year... or, until Christmas. Sadly all I got to do was make the mashed potatoes; but not to worry I made them from scratch (none of that instant stuff- if you can even call those potatoes).
Man, university has been really tiresome. It takes so much effort and time (but I guess I would have expected that, considering that nothing comes easy in life eh?). Well, after finishing my nursing lab exam I had a bit of extra time to prepare a batch of tasty cookies. I saw this cool festive cookie idea in one of my Betty Crocker emails. Anyways I didn't use any cookie mix, I made it from scratch (my first choice always) and my sisters loved it. I also made some to bring to a friends Halloween party and they were just nibbled up so quickly. The last cookie even had 2 people fighting over it! How exciting... don't you just love it when people fight over something you've made? Maybe it's just me.

So anyways, here's a beautiful close-up picture of my awesome Candy Corn Cookies. Enjoy looking... and imagine tasting :P

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