Thursday, October 12, 2006

Holy Poops!

I cannot believe that it's been over a month since I've blogged something! It's not like my life has been so boring that I've had nothing to share with the world... actually it's the opposite. I've been having such a hectic week... no wait, make that month! The first few weeks of univeristy life have been amazing and eye opening. I really love being treated as a "grown-up", seems weird to say but yeah... I love it.
What I don't love so much is all the homework that comes along with university freedom. Truly we are prisoners to a paradoxical life. Actually, now that you mention it I haven't been given a butt-load of homework yet it seems like a lot because of all the reading we have to do. Again irony plays the true evil in my life. The class that I have the most reading and studying for is my 8 o'clock class. This means that I'm up late the night before class and I have to wake up early in order to get to that class on time. *FRUSTRATION*

I'm suppose to be starting my readings for tomorrow's Nursing class and I haven't even read the stuff I was suppose to read for Monday's class! I don't think I'll ever catch up, am I a horrible person? Oh yeah, I'm going into the Nursing profession SUPRISE and it really is a blast doing all the cool labs. I can't wait until I start clinical in January. I just love working with people, and I'm sure it'll be different performing techniques on client rather than our classmates.
I've heard from one of my professors that November is the month that people usually quit or drop out of something... I'm thinking to myself, "WHAT... November?!!? We've only just started October and I've got November to worry about... stink!"
Anyways I should get back to reading since I'm so far behind. I can't believe that November is almost here... and after that December (I can't wait until CHRISTMAS<-- it's my favourite holiday).


Anais said...

Well this ends up being a weird comment... but had to post it!
I don´t remember how i ended up in your blog, probably by clicking "next blog". Since i love to cook, when i read your recipes i get ideas and cook something new!
Anyhow just wanted to say hello and good luck with nursing school. I am studying at the uni in Venezuela (South America) and know how hard it was to start...
Keep posting recipes (i'm having fun reading them... specially the asian ones! totally new for me!).
Good luck,

silverrock said...

Thanks for the comment, glad you like the recipes. Hopefully I won't get to swamped with school and neglect my blog. Good luck in your studies; don't work yourself too hard.