Tuesday, November 07, 2006

KFC... don't be hatin'

Okay, so being a KFC employee and all I have the heads up on some cool new promos that are coming up. And just to prove it I'll show you a picture... that's right. If I were not an employee of KFC how would I have gotten this awesomely spiffy picture of all the sauces (including the new ones)? I suppose I could just be an obsessive who is addicted to dipping sauce... but seriously I'm not. Anyways, the next promo coming out... since chicken fries have come and gone, is going to be cranberry stuffing! Ah... I know, I can't wait to try it. I think it will be addicting and once I start eating it I'll never need any other food again. But I may be jumping to conclusions... this stuffing may very well be the nastiest thing ever; I'll never know until I try it for myself. I can't wait :)
Oh, and KFC is also coming out with boxes of Christmas (or should I say Holiday, to be more P.C.) cookies... these look like so much fun.