Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Mighty Boosh

This show is crazy fun! I can't even remember how I found out about the Mighty Boosh, but they are amazing. British shows should get more exposure on Canadian television. The only brit shows that I can watch on television are Coronation Street and Doctor Who. With the region difference imposed on DVDs, certain shows can only be viewed by the British audience. All I'm suggesting is that Canada, with its historical ties to Britain, should receive more British programs.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Canada, Comedy and Cable

In my mind, the word Canada has become synonymous with the word Comedy. Not just for the fact that most of the world considers us a laughable country. If you talk to Canadians and then to Americans, it is easily determined that Canadians have their own quirky sense of humor. This is not to say that all American's don't have a good sense of humor, case and point Jon Stewart (who is, in my mind, one of the most original comedians out there), Dane Cook and the late Mitch Hedberg. Yet, Americans tend to be more concerned with the way they present themselves, while Canadians couldn't care less about what others think.

It's not that American comedy is unfunny, it's just that comedy has not been excepted into mainstream culture in America as easily as it has in Canada, although lately one could suggest that more American comedians have been credited with higher Hollywood status (ie. Steve Carell). Comparing Canadian comedy with American comedy is like comparing (I'm not going to say apples and oranges, because in that statement the meaning is lost) fine wine with an ice cold beer. American comedy is very primped, proper and perfected like an art, which it is. It suits all tastes (making sure to be politically correct), bringing the high class and the lower classes together. Canadian comedy is more raw, made for the people and by the people. It doesn't get the attention of the upper classes, mainly because it chooses to poke fun at them. Yet, it does apply to the common man, which is the preferred audience as the common man makes up a larger demographic than the wealthy.

Yet in Canada, the main television stations (CBC and CTV) have comedy hours and even an entire friday night commited to relaxation and laughs, allowing for Canada's comedic audience to expand. One could bring up the fact that America has an entire station committed to comedy, Comedy Central, yet this station is only available through the purchase of cable. Even without cable Canadians can enjoy a good laugh... I would know, I don't have cable. What a shocker! People often ask me how I survive. I tell them, "Just fine!" which is true. I believe whole heartedly that life is a lot simpler without cable. One could say that I live a happily filtered life. With only 6 channels to watch, CTV and CBC among them, I am still able to watch quality shows. I always look forward to CBC shows like This Space for Rent, This is Wonderland and This Hour has 22 Minutes. The shows I watch are limited, but this gives me more time to go about doing more productive things like reading (<-- yes, people still read). The Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, often featured on the CBC and based in Montreal, has brought together some of the most talented Canadian and American comedians.

Being a Canadian, I take pride in coming from a country that can laugh at itself as well as others. And the statement that will always be my proudest is "Yes, I did attend the Just For Laughs Comedy Tour, in Vancouver".

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Impatience... not a virtue?

These days, everyone's in a rush to get from place to place or to have everything done quickly. Just the other day I saw someone yelling at their computer for being slow; and by slow I mean loading the webpage within a "measly" 20 seconds. 50 years ago... heck even 10 years ago people would have been extatic that information could be accessed in such a short amount of time. Yet in today's fast-paced society we don't want to slowed down for anything, not even a decent meal; and fast food seems to be the most convenient source of nutrition (if you can call it that). I often wonder about certain individuals, the ones who become impatient when it takes 4 minutes to be served their "fast food". For lack of a better word, chill-ax! For the love of pineapples, it takes me at least 4 minutes to make a cup of tea. If your time is so important why not take cooking lessons and learn to make your own food, that way you'll be aquiring a skill while wasting your valuable time.

People are always talking about oil and how we are slowly depleting the world's oil reserves and if you think about it this is true. Still, we consume the oil in order to reach our desired destinations more quickly. We live in a world where our time seems to be the most precious commodity and rightly so. One may query "What about money, diamonds and love"? Money and riches, although important can always be regained; as for love... well, I'm not even going to go there. Since time cannot be refunded to us, take life as it comes. One cannot reverse time, so if the computer or fast food restaurant is slow just accept it. The more one thinks about being upset over the loss of our precious time (not to mention over the most trivial of situations), the more time is being passed.
Comedy Network's slogan Time well wasted is very true about all time. All the things we face and the time we "waste" throughout life contributes to our understanding of reality.

The Ipod Nation

Over the past couple of weeks, I have found my self in want of something... an mp3 player, not the most necessary gadget in the world, I know. And yes, I am 17 ... and yes, I know that I am way behind the times; but I pride myself on being self-restrained and not wasting my money on something that I know I can live without. I don't plan on getting an Ipod, as CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs will most likely unveil a new ipod creation within the next year. Incredibly, I have not given into the Ipod craze... even though it's everywhere! One search on google, and the word 'ipod' gets you an even 168,000,000 hits. Even the name 'ipod' has become synonymous with mp3, leading many companies to search for better and cooler looks and names for their own products. How does Apple do it?
Other brands may try to compete but none come close to the almost epic power of the Apple Ipod... i mean, have you seen the sony "bean" <--- that is one ugly creation :P

Monday, January 16, 2006

Lazy Sunday... and it's following

It's amazing how a bunch of words thrown together and set to a catchy beat can drive hoards of people into a frenzy, and cause the so called "revival" of Saturday Night Live. I myself cannot judge, as I am one of those people. I have always been a fan of the Lonely Island trio, well... ever since the 'Bu came out on channel 101. Yet, this video has become so mainstream that people are making t-shirts and bobble head dolls... man, i want that t-shirt. The bobble head, I can do without. Rapping with Chris Parnell, Andy is the only Lonely Island member in this video. Yet, I have got to hand it to Akiva and Jorma for creating another masterpiece... you are all incredibly talented.

We Are Scientists... Well, aren't we all?


I've always loved indie music and I am now hooked on WAS. If you haven't heard their music, you are missing out. With Love and Squalor is one of the best albums I have listened to in a long time. As of late, I've found that the music scene has been devoid of any substance. Serious rap/hip hop music had reached it's peak, in my opinion, about 1 year ago and pop music has clearly been in need of some refurbishment over the past decade. Yet, the refreshing approach of indie bands like WAS, Sekiden and the Ladies and Gentlemen have helped the music industry immensely in it's fight against teenage boredom.

If you love indie music, you'll enjoy The Kooks or Arctic Monkeys.

The Nostalgia of 'the days'

The nostalgia of the 1950's and 1960's is something that I've always wished I could have lived, even if only for a day. The ignorance that people in the past lived with, must have been bliss... much better than that of the present world. Back then, if you had no knowledge of what was happening half way around the world, people didn't care... because they didn't know either. Even though they didn't have the technology we have today, people were content with their homely lives. The family oriented activities, like listening to the radio... oh, how I would give anything to experience that. Having the entire family in the same room, doing something other than stuffing food into their faces or watching the garbage laden television ... that should be the Canadian dream. Oh, the days of bowler hats, well-tailored suits and male chivalry seem like such a distant dream. Now, in the 21st century, the only hats you see men wear are (not surprisingly) put on backwards; and to ask a man to stop being a complete chauvinist is like castrating him all together. What is there to look forward to in the future? Not much. Either the sun's going to burn out or God is going to return to earth, and being very disappointed at what he sees make an about-face and pretend he never made the trip. So Canadians, and Americans alike, I propose that we shift our focus on regaining the past... when family, charity and peace (you heard me, peace) were on the top of our wishlists.