Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Impatience... not a virtue?

These days, everyone's in a rush to get from place to place or to have everything done quickly. Just the other day I saw someone yelling at their computer for being slow; and by slow I mean loading the webpage within a "measly" 20 seconds. 50 years ago... heck even 10 years ago people would have been extatic that information could be accessed in such a short amount of time. Yet in today's fast-paced society we don't want to slowed down for anything, not even a decent meal; and fast food seems to be the most convenient source of nutrition (if you can call it that). I often wonder about certain individuals, the ones who become impatient when it takes 4 minutes to be served their "fast food". For lack of a better word, chill-ax! For the love of pineapples, it takes me at least 4 minutes to make a cup of tea. If your time is so important why not take cooking lessons and learn to make your own food, that way you'll be aquiring a skill while wasting your valuable time.

People are always talking about oil and how we are slowly depleting the world's oil reserves and if you think about it this is true. Still, we consume the oil in order to reach our desired destinations more quickly. We live in a world where our time seems to be the most precious commodity and rightly so. One may query "What about money, diamonds and love"? Money and riches, although important can always be regained; as for love... well, I'm not even going to go there. Since time cannot be refunded to us, take life as it comes. One cannot reverse time, so if the computer or fast food restaurant is slow just accept it. The more one thinks about being upset over the loss of our precious time (not to mention over the most trivial of situations), the more time is being passed.
Comedy Network's slogan Time well wasted is very true about all time. All the things we face and the time we "waste" throughout life contributes to our understanding of reality.

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