Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Mighty Boosh

This show is crazy fun! I can't even remember how I found out about the Mighty Boosh, but they are amazing. British shows should get more exposure on Canadian television. The only brit shows that I can watch on television are Coronation Street and Doctor Who. With the region difference imposed on DVDs, certain shows can only be viewed by the British audience. All I'm suggesting is that Canada, with its historical ties to Britain, should receive more British programs.


Kez said...

Hey, I totally agree with you. This show rocks and I wish it would get shown over here. But we'll be waiting a long time for BBC Canada to do anything about it as all they seem to show is candian re-runs with Eastenders thrown in every hour!!

froupe said...

i 3rd this!
im just hoping the boosh will consider canada for their live show tour..i mean, according to their myspace blogs they are considering the states and austraila. its just a matter of time right?

Val said...

Let's deluge them with fanmail from Canada! I love them!