Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hawaii Part 1 1/2 (well this one's mainly just about the food)

Wow, when you go to Hawaii you first think sandy beaches and a beautifully warm tropical breeze. Then maybe coconuts and other cliché images of the island. But Waikiki has an amazing aray of culinary delights which you have to try at least once. They really love their spam down there. Even at McDonald's they have a lunch item called saimin, which is basically mr. noodles with spicy fish stock and spam. For breakfast they have an entire menu dedicated to none other than spam. Even walking by a 7-11 my eye was caught by something I had to try... Spam musubi. Here's the one I brought back to our hotel... it may look a bit odd, but by george it was good!

The japanese play a big role in influencing Hawaiin cuisine... I was walking through the Ala Moana shopping center with my sister when we spotted a japanese rice treat stand. They were selling sakura mochi! I had to buy that too (oh, and let me give you a heads up... if you ask them "Do you have mall discount?" you'll get 10% off, even if you don't work there. Try it!) Anyways here's the pic. Along with a picture of Hawaiin Andugi, kinda like the malay deep fried sweet potato ball... and just as tasty. Sad to say I did not eat the Mcdonald spam breakfast platter, but I did end up

going to a great sushi restaurant, Genki Sushi. It was the first time I had been to one of those sushi places where you could pick your sushi dish from the conveyer belt... and I must say that it was pretty cool. I expected more flavor from the sushi, but I guess I was more impressed with the conveyer belt than the food itself... and while we sat down to lunch you could see the machines making the sushi. Yup, sushi's no longer made by hand my friends...

well, that's all the photos of food I took guys. But there's tons more variety there in Waikiki... to really get the feel for Hawaiin cuisine, you'd have to take a trip down to the island yourself. Happy Travels!

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