Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Family Outings: Luxe

Rating ***1/2 out of *****
Yeah for dim sum! Just this past weekend my family decided to try out a new dim sum restaurant that recently opened up in Langley.

Order from either their menu or simply pick a dish you like as it is brought to your table...

Before I get to the food... let's take in the aesthetics of this new dining location, shall we?

Such a cute condiments dish... they even give you a tiny spoon to dish out the sauce. How thoughtful!

The place settings, tea cups and tea pots were all themed beautifully. The rippling effect on all the dishes, and the decision to have everything in white was very elegant.

Finally, on to the food... We started with their char siew puff pastry rolls. The flakiness was perfect with the savouriness.

Their beef tripe was very good. The texture was perfect and the sauce was not too over-powering.

We also ordered another type of beef tripe... this one was more marinated, but the sauce was still perfect (not too salty, but very flavourful)

We never go to dim sum without trying the phuong thao... these ones were more spicy than the ones from Neptune. I actually enjoyed these better!

Luxe claypot chicken rice is a must... the portion is quite large and only came around $6.50, not bad considering they give you lots of chicken, veggies and one whole lap cheong!

And for dessert... Mango Pudding. Good, but not as good as my mom's :P

Sure it just looks like a plain old bao, but this was one of my favourite dishes. IT was filled with lotus paste and salted egg yolk... I love anything with salted egg yolk

All-in-all, Luxe's Restaurant was a very enjoyable dining experience. The waiters were friendly and catered to our needs, the host was very knowledgeable and seemed genuinely pleased to greet us. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was very inviting and serene. If you do find yourself somewhere in Langley, I recommend Luxe... for dim sum or just for a dinner outing. Two-thumbs up!

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