Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day at Boston Pizza

Well, for our official Father's Day lunch we headed over to our favorite spot Boston Pizza. I know it's not the fanciest place to celebrate Father's Day (some years we go to the Wolf Creek Golf Buffet) but... hey, when fathers eat free my family is always up for Boston. I took this as an opportunity to order something different; my usual order is the Taco Salad with Beef and extra olives, but I thought I would finally change it up.

My youngest sister order the "Bugs & Cheese" from the kids menu... ooo to be a kid again, I would probably have order from their menu :P

My mom ordered the Mediterranean Stromboli with a garden salad and thai peanut dressing

I ordered the Chicken Ciabatta sandwich... but not being a fan of the garlic mayonnaise I asked for the pomodoro sauce. Perfect choice! It tasted like a pizza bun... yum

My pops ordered the Boston Brute... it may look a little plain, but it actually had a lot of flavor!

We normally don't order dessert, but this was a special occassion... here's the New York Cheesecake with strawberry coulis

And this is the decadent and very rich Chocolate Explosion. I enjoyed digging out the chunks of cheesecake from their chocolate surroundings :P Yeah, I'm kind of a picky eater


Garrett said...

Okay, I'm headed to BP for lunch...looks like I'll go with your ma's choice: the mediterranean stromboli. Man, that looks delicious.

I noticed you're from Canada as well! I'm all the way up in Manitoba, so I can relate to the cold you speak of. 8 months of winter is quite unfortunate. Anyway, I noticed on your blog header you're a sushi fan? Any recommendations? I have to make my own sushi, because there's only one chinese & japanese restaurant in town, and the usual cook is not usually there (how ironic) to make sushi. I'm a huge california roll lover.

Anywhoo, shoot me some ideas if you're not at all too busy. My email is

Thanks lil' buddy! Take care!

silverrock said...

Oh man! I'm not sure when you sent this message, I'm so bad at checking the comments on this blog it's insane. Well, if you're still interested in knowing how I make sushi ... I just use the online recipes from

They have some great recipes, and a good video clip to check-out. Sorry, for being so late with this.

As for my favorite types of sushi... hmmm, I love the ebi (shrimp), inari (eel), and the salmon. I'm not a huge fan of the rolls, but I do like the cones! Hmm... I guess the main thing is just to use the freshest ingredients. And basically put whatever you like in/on the sushi rice. Got to town with it and have fun.