Friday, June 22, 2007

My Matcha Cupcakes

As promised in my Wilton Lesson 3 post I would post the recipe I used for the Matcha Cupcakes. I actually used an internet recipe which can be found at and let me encourage you to try it. The pound-cake like texture and the amazing matcha flavor go so well together in this recipe that I can't even describe it... and will not attempt to alter it at all.

The buttercream I used was made using the basic recipe from the Wilton Course book (you can find it on the Wilton Website). Here is a picture tutorial of my step by step cupcake making...

Step 1: Bake the cupcakes and let them cool

Step 2: Frost the cupcakes and...

Step 3: Dip the frosted cupcakes in desiccated coconut

Step 4: Take the iced cupcakes to class & decorate as you wish!

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