Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Simple and yet... erm, elegant?!

I opted for a simple and delicious lunch today. I was just reminiscing about the best summer ever... the one my family and I spent in HAWAII! And I felt like reliving some of the Honolulu magic. What better way to do that than to make some good ol' spam musubi?! I can't think of anything that would fit better. So, the recipe's pretty simple and you end up with, what I think, is a delicious and asthetically pleasing lunch containing all the important food groups... grain, sea veggies and spam.

Spam Musubi

- Some short grain, sushi rice
- One piece of spam for each musubi
- 1 thin strip of seaweed for each musubi (approx 5-6inches long and 0.5 inch wide)

1. Take a handful of rice and mold it into a rectangular shape, with long sides as wide/long as the spam you are using.
2. Place a piece of spam ontop of the molded rice.
3. Wrap the thin seaweed strip around the musubi to "secure" the spam to the rice.

Honestly, I just made the musubi like I pictured it back in Hawaii. Make it however you like... but be sure to savour every bite and remember the Big Island! I should really get back to cooking real food, instead of reporting on silly little recipes like this one... but who cares, I do what I do :P
RANDOM THOUGHTS: You should know that at first I attempted to eat my musubi with chopsticks... but that attempt failed horribly. I then just decided to eat it with my hands... forget KFC, this was finger lickin' good. Why is the spam so wrinkley? I reminds me of elephant skin... any who, I'm finished now :)

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