Friday, June 22, 2007

Indian Inspired Dinner: Part 2

... as promised, here's my continuation of the Indian-inspired Dinner I prepared.

So, in addition to the naan and spicy chicken kabobs I planned to make some chicken pizza's. I made them by taking 3 of the largest naan dough balls (uncooked), rolling them out and placing them on a baking sheet. I baked the bread for 10 minutes at 325F; just enough time for the bread to slighly brown, but not cook through fully. I then took out the semi-cooked bread, slathered on some barbeque sauce and topped the pizza with grilled chicken slices and grated marbeled + gruyere cheese. Pop the pizza's back into the oven until the cheese is all melted and goey... and there you have a quick, Naan-bread Chicken Pizza.

The Three Pizzas... the front two are bbq, and the back one is basil mayo.

I also decided to try out a wacky version of a chicken pizza using the basil mayo (from my basil chicken pita post) instead of barbeque sauce. OMG that pizza turned out so good. It was very moist and basil-y and was the perfect compliment to the naan-bread base.

A close-up of my soon to be famous, Basil-mayo Chicken Pizza

Funny thing... my sisters actually fell in love with the chicken kabobs that I had made and weren't to excited about the pizza! I was so surprised, I guess you never really know what you like until you eat it, eh?

NOTE TO SELF: I must market my new Basil-mayo Chicken Pizza... maybe Panago will sign me on :P

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