Friday, June 22, 2007

Wilton Cake Decorating: Course 1, Lesson 3

Woah! I'm 75% finished my Wilton course... that is utterly insane! It seems like I've just gotten started, but that doesn't matter because now that I've learned the skills I can always decorate whenever I want. So the homework for this class was to prepare either one 8-inch round cake to decorate or 8 cupcakes to decorate. Seeing as I made a cake last time I wanted to do the cupcakes because... well, cupcakes are just so darned cute don't you think? I used a Green-tea (Matcha) cake recipe, which I will post separately, and frosted each cupcake with buttercream and desiccated coconut.

Here's some of the stuff we learned...

Figure Piping Smiley Faces

Learning to pipe clown bodies... I didn't get the heads because they kinda creep me out. But I'm starting to think that headless clowns are more creepy!

Piping Shells... the one on the right is mine :P and the teachers is on the left

It was a lot of fun decorating the cupcakes with different designs... here are some close-up pictures of my beautiful cupcake creations.

A rather cute looking cupcake with a tip-21 drop flower and tip-16 stars

An adorable figure piping bear with a little honey bee hovering above his head

More close-ups of the busy bumblebees

And then I just got lazy... look at my ugly yellow heart. It resembles a butt! And that strand of black in the middle? What's up with that?

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