Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Henglong finds...

I've been shopping at Henglong for as long as I can remember... it's like a more quaint (small-scale) version of my favourite supermarket T&T. Being that it has most of the things T&T has (and lots more) at very reasonable prices I love Henglong just as much. I remember the days when my mom and dad would take the five year old me to this market, and they always treated me to my favourite treat... an ice cold red bean (and sometime durian) popsicle. Henglong use to be the only place you could find this treat, and then T&T rolled around stealing some of their business :(

I still enjoy buying bakery goods from Henglong that are usually only found if you go to Vancouver's Chinatown... seeing as how gas and bus fare is super expensive the only way to get the authentic nonya/chinese goodies are from Henglong. Here are some of the treats I purchased the other day...
Colorful Bak Tong Goh... with salty coconut cream sauce

Sweet, green, mungbean-filled rice cakes... with salty coconut cream sauce

Carioca... I had never heard of this one before and was interested to try it. They described it as deep fried sticky-rice flour, so I was expecting something like Jin Dui.

It was very much like Jin Dui, but had no redbean... the melted sugar syrup on top was delicious and tasted like gooey cotton-candy.

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