Friday, June 22, 2007

Brownies! Yay

My sister had a class party a few days ago and had volunteered to bring brownies. Or should I say, that she volunteered me to make her brownies :P My sister brought home a note that stated she would supply 30 brownies and my mom looked at it in shock. And here's how the conversation went.

Mom: *Gasp* "What! I'm suppose to make you brownies?"
Me: I would be more than happy to bake brownies for you, sis.
Mom: *Looks relieved"
Sister: That's what I thought. I knew Joanna would make me brownies!

Apparently, I'm a bake-aholic... and even my sister knows! I mustn't let this get around, so let's just keep it between me and the internet, o.k.?

The brownie recipe I used was from the nestle website Everytime I bake brownies I use this recipe. I love it because these brownies turn out half-way between fudgy and cakey... and they are delicious. This is a really easy recipe, as it uses cocoa powder and not melted chocolate. So if you're a beginner baker and don't trust yourself with melting chocolate, this brownie recipe is for you! I always have to mix in something with my brownies, and since my sister's allergic to nuts I always reach for either white chocolate or butterscotch chips. I love these chips, because when they bake instead of getting all goey they sort of crystallize and become nut-like... yeah, I'm a huge nut fan :)

I cut out the brownies using handy-dandy cookie cutters and packed them up to be taken to my sister's class. The best thing about using cookie cutters is that you get to eat the left over scraps :P My family couldn't wait to dig into the brownie scraps/crumbs and we had a brownie-good time!

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