Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Me: [to parents] "You have both been to H-mart on occassions, but I have yet to see this Korean Supermarket. That's it... we're going!"

Parents: "Okay!"

And so it was... I went with my parents (dragging my two sisters along) to H-mart, to see if it was as great a supermarket as my beloved T&T. The long drive to Langley was tedious, but I was excited to see a new store. The only korean store I shop at is Hannam (in Guildford) and it's almost too small to be called a supermarket. But when I stepped into H-mart I was amazed at the size. I think it was actually larger than T&T! And the selection of foods there was very impressive. They had a very well stocked produce section, which had very reasonable prices (even cheaper than Save-on/Safeway). Their freezer section was enormous and had a wide variety of frozen meats, buns and desserts. They even sold mochi in bulk! Which was awesome... my sister just loves mochi. I think it's the chewiness that gets to her :P and at $0.55 a piece I had to buy at least six. To me the best part of the store was the bakery... I've always had a passion for baking and am always drawn to the bakery section of every supermarket. H-mart's had a various buns which I had not seen before, and I've seen plenty! (at City Fresh, T&T and Henglong) Anywho... here are the pics of H-mart's bakery goodies

Sorry for the crap-tasticness of the photo... I couldn't get a good angle :(

Here's a better pic! This is one of H-mart's chestnut buns... shaped like a chestnut, how ingenious :P

And here's the filling inside the chestnut bun

After wandering through the bakery section, I saw a women carrying a bag of what looked like large, brown frisbees... that couldn't be right??! So I walked towards the direction she was leaving from and found this...

Couldn't help myself! So I bought a bag... as $2.50 for a bag of approx. 30 pieces of this yummy rice snack, how could I not? I loves this machine, and the operator was just as loveable... He was such a cute man with much enthusiasm for his work. As I snapped this picture...

... he exlaimed "I am KOREAN!" It just made my day

You must take a trip down to H-mart, if not to purchase a butt-load of awesome Korean treats then to see this cute Korean man and his Magic Rice Machine!

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