Friday, June 01, 2007

Hooray for Cheeseburgers!

Okay, so this isn't a real post about my cooking (mis)adventures but it is about my second love... FOOD! As you all probably know, I love food when it's free (which is why you'll almost always see me at a Costco :P) or at least at a great bargain. So, today being June 1st and McDonald's 40th anniversary (of something... I'm not quite sure yet) they were selling cheeseburgers for a wonderous 67cents. I was super excited because I haven't eaten Mickey D's in such a long time (can you believe it's almost been 4 months!) and to tell you the truth, I think that 67cents is truly what their cheeseburger is worth. My parents didn't feel like bothering with a fancy dinner, so I picked up 6 cheeseburgers... what a steal!
Funny story... I actually don't like the McDonald's cheese, so I ordered my cheeseburger "cheese-less" (and with extra pickles of course). The cashier looked confused and asked her manager if I could do that... because then they'd technically be giving me a hamburger *gasps sacrasctically*. The manager agreed... well duh, because I'm actually saving them from wasting a piece of cheese, it's not like I was asking them to add lettuce, another patty, mayo and another bun!! Sometimes I laugh at this crazy world ... hehehe, what else can you do to pass the time?
Anywho, that's about all I have to say about the cheese-less cheeseburger. It tasted like a regular burger and I think I can go another 4 months without it.

Oh and another thing! I just recently dared to try the new Shrek promo items from the McDonald's menu. The Swamp Sludge McFlurry was interesting. My sister and I found that it just tasted like an M&M Mcflurry, but only using the green M&M's. Whooptie-doo *sarcastically*. And there were random chunks of soft cookie stuff in the mix... odd to say the least. But my sister and I did fall hard for the new (and sadly limited time offer) Minty Mudbath. Since both of us adore RAINBOW ICECREAM (especially the green parts) we loved this milk shake. It basically tasted like the green parts of rainbow icecream, just blended with some extra mint flavor and made into triple think gooey goodness. So, I recommend you try the Minty Mudbath, but do try and stay away from the Swamp Sludge (it's not bad, but I felt as if it were a waste of my money and time!)

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