Friday, June 22, 2007

Indian Inspired Dinner: Part 1

The other day my dad asked me if I wanted to make dinner... what do you think my answer was? Well, you can probably guess by the pictures that I answered "YES!"

I'm always looking for ways to experiment and improve my culinary techniques... this time I was rarin' to try something Indian inspired. Having been intrigued by the Thai Chicken Tacos at Milestone's (pictured here) I really wanted my family to have a taste of this amazing dish.

Step 1: Finding the perfect kabob recipe...
I wanted to pick the perfect recipe to use in this Indian-inspired Chicken Taco and I found it in the Reshami Kabob recipe from So I prepared/marinated the chicken the night before... and stuck them on skewers (which had been soaked for 30 minutes) just before grilling them on the George Foreman Grill.

Step 2: Finding the perfect Naan recipe...
This one was pretty easy to figure out. I went to and found the naan recipe with the best review. Here it is... Naan Bread. I was a little afraid that this recipe wouldn't turn out. Not because I don't trust allrecipes, but because I don't trust yeast. Me + Yeast do not equal good times... for some random reason (maybe my impatience) it doesn't seem to rise properly in my presence :(

Luckily, this time the story was different. The Naan rose perfectly.

After shaping and frying the naan in my well-greased skillet they turned out beautifully.

Step 3: What do you garnish with?
I settled on garnishing this dish with my thai peanut sauce and some warmed Tikka Masala sauce from Patak's.

Step 4: Assembly
To make the Indian-inspired Chicken Tacos you take one piece of naan, layer on a handful of chopped garden greens (lettuce, cabbage, carrots, scallions etc.), place one skewer on top and then drizzle the taco with the peanut sauce.

Continuation... I wasn't too sure if my sisters would enjoy the spicy chicken kabobs, so I decided to prepare a couple different options for their dinner... Part 2 is to come!

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