Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Preparing to make more bentos :)

Hooray... as mentioned in a previous post (click here to see my past bento post) I was determined to purchase some good quality bento accessories. Where better to go than down to the hub of the Asian Culture? RICHMOND!! My family usually goes to Richmond for Yum Cha (either Dynasty or Neptune... but I'll blog about that later, right now is for my bento obsession), so we ended up also going to Yaohan and Aberdeen Mall.

Yaohan had some great finds, on the upper level there's a gift store which sold awesome bento items. I bought: Hello Kitty rice molds, a 2-tier Monokuro Boo bento box, and a Hello Kitty Jelly/Ice mold. Me and my sister, were so excited to go to Aberdeen... cuz you know what that means? DAISO!! We just adore that store, and everything at a great $2... for quality goods. What more could you ask for? Seeing that my bento frenzy has been peaking, I remembered that the last time I went to Daiso I noticed a ton of great items for making great bentos. Well, here's a pic of my great Daiso/Yaohan finds:

At Daiso I picked up some fish-shaped soy sauce containers, a yello 2-tier bento, traditionsl onigiri molds, side dish containers and a madeleine baking pan (not really bento, but I had been wishing I bought it ever since I saw it in the store last month!)

I've been busy using my items and have made 3 new bentos. So much fun!!! I'll be posting them shortly!

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