Monday, May 07, 2007

Too much stuff to post!

Well, usually the case is that I have very little time to make anything and that's why my blog is not being updated. But in this case I've made my hands very busy and just haven't gotten around to blogging any of it... so ironic! So here is my very brief version of last weeks events...

Monday: Went to T&T and bought some Ang Koo Kueh

Oh, my goodness I just love this kueh... it has to be my absolute favorite. I walked into Guilford T&T today and stopped by the little Taiwanese shop in the food court. The owner began speaking to me in mandarin... sadly I do not speak and I let her know this. She seemed disappointed, until I opened my mouth and proclaimed, "I would like one Ang Koo Kueh!" I know it's not the same as speaking my language, but it's close, and the lady seemed to have about an ounce more respect for me. I felt great. I then went home and prepared to steam the delicious kueh. Sadly I got distracted and left it in the steamer too long and it expanded way too much. Some of the red bean filling came spewing out of the glutinous rice layer :( Oh, well it's all the same in your stomach :P

Before the spewing catastrophe (left)... and after (right)

My fascination with kueh is only equally paralleled with my fascination for mochi and daifuku. I think I just enjoy playing with glutinous rice flour...

I will continue reminiscing about last weeks events in my following posts. But for now, here are the very minimal details

Tuesday: Ichigo Daifuku
(Will elaborate more in next post)

Wednesday: Green Tea Ice Cream
(elaboration will continue)

Thursday: Gyoza

Friday: Dad's Birthday Outing

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