Saturday, May 12, 2007

Early Mother's Day

My family has the always had the long held tradition of going out for brunch on Mother's Day. I love going to those fancy golf course lunch buffets and seeing all the different and unique combinations of food. The only draw back is that I can't make my Mom breakfast on Mother's Day... otherwise a Mother's Day brunch is pretty stupid, as you'll be stuffed from breakfast. So, the tradition has always been that I prepare a Mother's Day breakfast on the Saturday. This year, I had a lot of fun searching for cool recipes that my mom would enjoy.

Breakfast Casserole:
I made a similar recipe to this one in February (click here to view) and when my mom had some, she just loved it. So for her big day, I decided to make one BIG casserole... but varied it slightly and ended up with a breakfast strata. I will add the recipe later (I promise). But for now, you can take a look at the pictures.
Chai Tea Sponge Cakes:
I really liked how Ivonne utilized my mom's favorite tea to make cute miniature bundt cakes. And her presentation of the cakes was delightful. So, it was a no-brainer that I would use this recipe for Mother's day.
Sugar Cookie Flower Pot:
I made a batch of sugar cookies and added red food coloring to make them a cute pink color. While they were still warm I stuck a toothpick through them. I then took a small flower pot I had purchased at the dollar store and stuck a chocolate cupcake inside to resemble "dirt". The toothpicked-cookies were placed into the "dirt" and placed on the breakfast table. It was so simple, yet so cute.
Apple Pancakes:
The Williams-Sonoma website has some very fancy breakfast ideas that are elegant for Mother's Day. The link above connects to the apple pancake recipe I used. Though my pancakes do not look as beautiful they sure tasted great, almost like christmas... my sister had 3 helpings of them. (Note: The recipe says that it makes 12 pancakes... but I ended up with way more, so unless you eat gigantic pancakes you'll probably end up with 20-25)
Mother's Day was a success! It all went without a hitch an my mom really enjoyed the relaxing day of not having to do dishes, washing etc. Dad, my sisters and I loved watching mom open her presents. We had gotten her a travelling coffee mug with a double-wall (in which we placed some of the better family pictures), a book on 101 things to do to relax, bath necessities and a tea candle. WE LOVE YOU MOM! <3

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