Sunday, May 13, 2007

The True Mother's Day Deal

Hooray! It's really Mother's Day. Well, today we ended up (as usual) going to our annual Mother's Day brunch. Sadly, my litte sister got food poisoning just yesterday and couldn't go :( I missed her, so I took some pictures at the brunch-buffet place so that she could kinda get the feeling of being there too. We went to the Fort Langley Golf Course, it wasn't as fancy or well organized as the Wolf Creek Golf and Country Club by any means. We had reservations for 12pm and they didn't get us a seat until 20 minutes later! That is always frustrating. And the service was very poor. You may be asking, "What service? Isn't it a buffet?". This is true, but the drinks are served by waiters who took a very long time and seemed inexperienced. Also, the people who were suppose to take away our plates after we had finished using them were slow. I think they were very under-staffed. Overall, the food was okay; but for the same price I would have rather gone to Wolf Creek... sadly, they weren't running a buffet this year :( *sniff* Oh, well... what can you do?

The food on my plate looked pretty unappetizing. Because we had to wait so long, I piled a ton of food on my plate and it looked horrendous :P I did manage to take a couple nice pictures of the breakfast/dessert things...

Belgian Waffles with Fruits... and a Churros hiding
in the background (left)!
Cute miniature foods ... donuts and mini muffins!

Yummy! Chocolate Mousse....
<--and so purdy :)

The Chocolate Mousse Aftermath


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