Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bento Fun in the Sum... kinda rhymes :P

Well, summer school started this Monday. So did my fascination with the Japanese "art" of making bento lunches. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later, and now that I've started I just can't seem to stop! It's a ton of fun just experimenting with different variations on the Japanese lunch box. For the first day of my summer course I decided to start my experimentation. I've always loved my sister's Hello Kitty lunch box, and although we didn't buy it necessarily for the use in bento lunches it works very nicely. All it needs are separate compartments for the different dishes and it'd be even more perfect. Anyways to continue...

Day 1: Heart-shaped Onigiri Bento
Not the most creative, I know, but considering it's my first time I think it turned out fairly well. I made the same one for my sister, but for her's I added a heart-shaped piece of nori to the top of her onigiri. It looked so cute! Why didn't I take a picture :( Oh well, I'm sure you have an imagination. And my sister hates carrots as well as cucumbers, so I had cut her some kiwi slices and added some teriyaki chicken. Yum! Oh, and the strawberry treat is similar to a fig newton... but made with strawberries (well duh :P)

Day #2: Sesame seed and Smiling Onigiri BentoMy bento for lunch contained the 2 onigiri, one with sesame seeds and the other with a smiling face (so cute!). My mom had bought celery hearts the other day so I decided they would make a good addition to my bento. I also included beef jerky and a korean "french-style" apple pie treat (from H mart, an awesome korean supermarket... only second to T&T!)

My sister, also doesn't like celery or beef jerky (can you believe we're related!) so I prepared her onigiri bento with a hot-dog octopus (at her request) and some cute pepperoni + cheese cut-outs. I added some carrot and cucumber stars in, to add some flair, but I assured my sis that she didn't have to eat them... no pressure hehehe what are sisters for?

Overall, my first experience with bento has been going well. I really enjoy the look of the box, and especially the look on the faces of those you make the lunches for. When their face lights up, and they can see that you've put a ton of care and effort into their meals, it's all worth it.

Memo to self: Must invest in a good quality bento box (maybe with 2 or 3 levels), also must buy an egg mould... the hello kitty and other animal shaped moulds are super cute.

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