Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yeah! My 100th Post... Happy B-day Dad!

I've had my share of baking blunders... but I think that this one was the worst of all. I was planning on preparing a chocolate-coffee mousse cake for my dad's birthday and it didn't turn out so... how shall I put it... "moussey" :P For the cake's base I used the chocolate sponge recipe from yochana's blog and cut it into 2 layers. I then decided to use the iced coffee mousse recipe from

Day 1: Make the sponge cake and cake decorations. These decorations included- chocolate covered coffee beans, and chocolate writings etc.
Doesn't look so bad eh? I thought it was a very cute chocolate cake.

Day 2: Make the mousse and finish assembling the cake.

I thought the cake was turning out well, at least until I realized that the mousse wasn't setting for some odd reason. I think it may have been the fact that I didn't use enough gelatin... or that the gelatin hadn't fully dissolved in the water before I added the milk. Oh man! Having little experience with gelatin previous to this attempt, I was kind of expecting something like this to happen. So I basically ended up with a coffee iced chocolate cake for my pop's birthday. He didn't mind so much; like they say, it's the thought that counts. And he really liked the coffee icing. Well, at least the cake tasted good and my efforts didn't go to a total waste.

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