Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bento Lunches Again!

Okay, I'll make this short and sweet. I've made 4 bento boxes that have yet to be given their deserved internet glory :P so here they are...

Day 1: Pita, Humus & Fishsticks Bento

This one was for my little sister... and that means this bento has only trace amounts of vegetables! The top tier of this bento consisted of fish sticks, haw flakes, durian candy, chocolate easter eggs (I bought 1 lb. of them, before the end of easter cuz my sister loves them sooo much :P) and Bak Tong Go. The bottom tier had cute pita bread cut outs and hummus dip, with decorative carrot stars ontop.

Day 1: Onigiri with Wasabi Cream Cheese and Chicken

Here's my bento, I love my veggies as you can see. It consisted of one onigiri (filling was wasabi cream cheese and chicken), raw broccoli, raw mushrooms, durian candy and one strawberry cream filled cupcake. With all those veggies, I can splurge a little on a cupcake... can't I?! hehehe

Day 2: Onigiri with Salmon Cream Cheese and Chicken

This bento was for my little sis (once again, notice the lack of veggies). The top tier contained 1/2 a kiwi, 3 vanilla cream cookies, blueraspberry flavored livewires, and some gummy bears. The bottom tear had one onigiri (filling was salmon cream cheese and chicken) and a homemade ichigo daifuku.

Day 3: Hello Kitty Shaped OnigiriThis one was also for my little sister. I used the new Monokuro Boo bento box I had purchased from Yaohan, it's awesome. Top tier consists of a strawberry biscuit, hawflakes, durian candy and an orange flavoured jelly (notice the jelly's resemblance to Hello Kitty... that is no coincidence). The bottom tier held a Hello Kitty onigiri (using the Yaohan mold), a curry potato croquette and grilled chicken slices.

Woah! I've been a busy "bento" bee lately. My sister thinks I'm crazy, but she appreciates the goodies I make her. She's such a sweetie-pie that I'm just filled with so much joy whenever I make her these lunches... dunno if i'll keep posting about them, but I'll definitely keep making them!

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