Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yeah! That's right, May 8th (almost May 9th... gotta finish this entry!) and I'm another year older, 19 to be exact. Oh, that special age where the world opens up a whole range of possibilities. What to do? Well, today I decided to make myself an Irish Coffee... I didn't take a photo of it (because it basically just looked like coffee... whoopdie-doo!).

Today was awesome, I got home from a dance practice at church and walked in to hear my mom yell "Happy Birthday!" As a family, we like to keep our birthday celebrations within the nuclear family. I really like our little parties, they're just a fun time to really bond with your parents and siblings. My parent know me all too well. The present they bought me seemed super expensive, and I loved it. Yup, they bought me a KitchenAid Stand Mixer... I'm so excited to use it; finally, my hands can get some well deserved rest :P

My parents and sisters also know that my love for cooking & baking is only paralleled by my love for eating, and that I love coffee-flavoured anything. So when my parents brought out my cake I knew that they had put a lot of thought and love into choosing it. TIRAMISU! Dare I say that I think this cake was even better than T&T's fruit cake :0 *gasp*... I know, when would I ever say such a crazy thing? But seriously, the Tiramisu cake for my B-day was exceptionally delicious, I'm thinking it's even better than I could have made! And that's saying something :)
Man, spending time with the family is great... here'a pic of me and my sisters being super crazy with the cake. I love just acting spontaneously with my sister's, they'r the coolest... besides, of course, my parents ;)

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