Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dad's Party @ Old Spaghetti Factory

This is the same place that we celebrated my little sis' b-day. Ah, the Old Spaghetti Factory... the novelty of "Italian" cuisine without having to deal with authentic Italian crazy people :P (jkjk I kid, I kid)

My family loves this restaurant. I dunno if it's because my mom enjoys the set meal of a pasta dish, bread, soup/salad, tea/coffee and ice cream for an average of about $12.00; or if it's because of it's very family friendly atmosphere? Could be both... but whatever the case, my family really enjoys dining there. I didn't take any pictures of my food :( I know, I'm sorry. I was super hungry by the time I got my pasta (Spicy Chorizo Penne). The reason our food took so long to get to us was because the restaurant was hosting some grade 7 girl's birthday party (there were like 30 kids... no joke! and also 20 others who were in her family).

The kids were kinda noisey and I said to myself, "Hey! This is my Dad's B-day too. We should just ignore the big party of people and focus on my pop's greatness!" And we did. I did take some pictures while we were waiting for our food to arrive, I guess it was just out of boredom...

Here's the yummy sourdough loaf with either plain or garlic butter

<-- Here's my hot water and Honey Lemon Tea

Here's the cool glass of hot water I got with my tea-->

Yeah! Dad's Birthday Celebration was great fun What can I say: Awesome fun with an Awesome Dad!

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