Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oreo Yogurt Cupcakes

Okay, so my yogurt challenge to myself is long since past. Since they did expire quite a while back. But I still decided to use yogurt in a cute new recipe I found off the internet at Precious Moments (warning... if you don't like heart cuddly music, turn off your speakers before you click on the link! I, personally, find the music endearing). Don't worry, I didn't use my expired yogurt... that could have turned out gross. I did however vary the recipe by using a vanilla yogurt (instead of plain, unsweetened) and therefore eliminated the vanilla essence from the recipe. I also cut down on the sugar, since the yogurt I used was sweetened. The cupcakes were a hit with my sisters who scarfed down 2 each by the end of the day. Sadly, I halved the recipe so as to make only 6 cupcakes... and they were all gone before my parents could try one. They did say that they were pretty though :) Next time I will definitely not half the recipe; in fact, I may even double the recipe... man that'll take a ton of oreos, but who cares... those are the best parts.
I only have one comment to make regarding the storage of this cupcake. It won't store well... all baker's know that when storing crunchy cookies with soft cookies, muffins or cakes the crunchy ones always get softened. Well, in this recipe you must basically make the cupcakes fresh, because if you store them the cupcake makes the oreo cookie soft and crumbly. It still tastes good, but it lacks the crisp contrast between the cake and cookie. Just a heads up to anyone who plans on making these a day in advance (I think you may be alright if you keep the cupcakes exposed to the air... not too sure how food-safe that is, but the texture may be maintained).

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