Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Tasty Nonya Treats

Today I decided that I needed to step out of my house and away from the computer (no offense, my beautiful box of wires and plastic). So, I went out for a little shopping escapade... where to? T&T? Alas, I did not go to my favorite supermarket (I had already been their a couple days ago and hadn't found anything that caught my eye). So where then? ... Henlong!! Yeah! My favorite "mini-market" :) And boy was I excited to spend my cash there...

I had seen these Teochew Kueh (also known as Peng Kueh) many times online, but had yet to actually taste this savoury Nonya delight. This kueh came packed in pairs of 2 and was in the frozen food section, along with some of the other sweet rice cakes. When I got home, I couldn't wait to try this kueh so I prepped all the things I needed for steaming it. I cleaned and greased a piece of banana leaf and steamed the kueh for about 15mins. I served it with a mixture of hoisin sauce and sambal oeleck (the best sauce in the world :P). The outside wasn't very flavorful, but the gooey glutinous rice filling was quite tasty. There was some ha mei, some chinese mushrooms and peanuts... the combination was delicious.

I found a few recipes online at wokkingmum and roseskitchen and myzest and simcooks and cuisine-asia. With so many recipes to try out, maybe I'll try making it next time. There's gonna be a lot of kueh going round my house!

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