Sunday, April 20, 2008

Korean Dining

Rating *** out of ****
Yeah! I'm finally finished all my exams, and you know what that means?!? You probably don't, but it means that I have a reason to celebrate... and a reason to go out to eat with the family. I would say that we tend to eat out a little too often, but then again I am a foodie and I need to have a taste of something different every now and then (preferably now :P). Anyways, we decided to try something a little different. At first my dad wanted to take us to Hon's, and while I do love that noodle house, I was craving something less regular. So, my mom proposed that we try out this Korean noodle house that she had been to a month ago with some friends. I jumped at the idea of eating real Korean noodles (and not that Kimchi stuff in our pantry) and my sisters were also thrilled to be eating out at a non-regular place. So off we went...

The place was called Hong Ma No, and the moment we walked in we could tell that the food would be good. How? Well, for one thing, the place was run by Korean speaking people and not a bunch of Chinese people operating a Korean noodle house :P. The hostess actually addressed my mother in Korean, which I thought was strange (I don't think my mom looks Korean... but then again, I guess I've grown accustomed to her face). We then proceeded to be seated and were ready to take a look at the recipe.
There wasn't a wide selection of foods to choose from. They either had individual dishes of noodles with soup, sauced noodles, rice with sauce, fried rice, a couple appetizers and some combo dishes. A lot of their foods have seafood in them (in fact, they only had two dish and one appetizer without seafood) and since my sister is allergic, we ended up getting all of those... plus one seafood one for me, mom and dad.

Appetizers of Deep-fried dumplings; no seafood in these, they were nice and crispy and very tasty. Also, the salad dressing and cabbage in the middle added a nice touch. 10pcs for $7.99

Spicy, Crispy Chicken. These were also fried to perfection. It wasn't as spicy as I would have liked, but the sauce was nicely sweet. This came in a combo with 1 soup noodle (pictured below) and 1 sauce noodle (picture below) for $37.99

Mmm... this was probably my favorite dish. It was a spicy, seafood noodle dish. There was sadly, very little seafood, a couple pieces of squid and a few scallops. But the soup was tasty and the noodles were something different.

This dish, believe it or not, is a noodle dish. The noodles were smoothered (and completely hidden) beneath the splatting of ooey-gooey black bean sauce. The noodles were chewy, and the black bean taste was very strong; my dad really enjoyed this one.

Overall the experience was pretty good. I enjoyed the prompt seating and service, and the food was definitely different. I think I may go back, but it would be hard to order something different considering their menu isn't very diverse. The only comment I would make is that the "seafood" dishes need more seafood and that they should have more dishes catered to those who may not enjoy (or cannot eat seafood). Aside from that, we had a blast... yummy food, and a great celebration of my being free from my 2nd year of university! (At least until summer courses :P)

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