Friday, April 25, 2008

Knorr's Tamarind Soup

Knorr rocks my socks. I never knew how many different varieties of soup bases they made. At Henlong the other day, I went out in search of nothing in particular but I came home with a bunch of great goodies. I've already posted about the teocheow that I found in their frozen food section and now it's time to talk about their awesome Knorr soups. I bought a couple cubes of the Tom Yum flavor, chicken pulao flavor and the yummy and tangy Tamarind soup.

Their Tom Yum flavor is surprisingly authentic. I couldn't believe that they packed so much flavor into two tiny cubes.

The Tamarind Soup base was good too, especially when I added in the veggies and the seafood.

There was a recipe on the back of the soup package; it basically said just to add vegetables of your choice and seafood of your choice. I did just that and I also ate it with some rice to make a really quick and simple lunch for myself. Next time I will try out the chicken pulao soup base, I can't wait... to eat it and also be lazy :P

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