Sunday, April 20, 2008

After a Great Race... Zebra Cake

Yeay! I can't believe it, my months of hard work and training finally paid off today! I finished the Sun Run with my head held high and my heart racing. I was so proud of my dad who decided that he'd support me by running it with me :) I love him *hugs*. I've been "training" since November of 2007 and have been feeling great about it. I finished the 10k run in 54:55!!! There were a couple times when I thought that I would slow down my pace but then I realized that this was it, this was the big day and there was no way that I was going to slack off now... not when I was so close. So, I didn't break down and I kept running and I beat my own personal best! Anywho, the best part is that it's now... time to celebrate! And celebrate I shall... I felt like making a tasty, yet healthy cake and so I settled on this recipe that I'd been keeping in my back-logs on my computer for a loooooong time. It's retro and funky and uses 500g of egg whites!! (That's equivalent to 16)

I used the original recipe from: but varied it a bit to my liking. Since I didn't have ovalette/sponge-cake stabilizer, I changed the flour measurements. I used 220g of all-purpose flour (approximately 2cups) + 95g of self-rising cake flour (approximately 1cup). And, instead of using 6 colors, I only alternated between 3. The coloring I used was pandan paste (green), pisang paste (red) and pineapple paste (yellow). Other than that, I pretty much followed this recipe to a "T".

A pretty psychadelic cake if you ask me... next time there's a retro themed party I'm definitely making this one.

The cake tasted very eggy and just like ma lai koh, only better! It's impossible to describe... you'll just have to make it yourself, or come over to my house before we devour it all :P Mmm... my dad and I enjoyed our victory cake, and we let the rest of the family indulge in some of this cake as well... we're all winners here :)


beverme said...

mmmm, looks delish! I should've come over to your house after the race... Julie make us go to Vera's Burger place... 1/4 pound a beef after 10k, uggg!
Question, where do you buy your pastes/colorings? I still have the two you gave me, but I want to get some more!!

silverrock said...

Hehehe... thanks bev. Mmmm, Vera's Burger's do sound scrumptious... but the face on their logo kinda give me the creeps. Oh, and I get the paste from Henlong, that asian market I bought the tapioca pearls from.