Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chinese Breakfast

Hmmm... I was just waking up from a wonderful nights sleep (don't get too many of those :P) and I thought I might whip up something for breakfast. I settled on Chee Cheong Fun, my younger sister adores the stuff... unfortunately most pre-packaged Chee Cheong Fun has shrimp as a main ingredient (and since my sis is allergic to shellfish, she rarely gets to eat it :( unless it's plain... which isn't fun at all). I followed the recipe from kuali.com but had to search around the internet for a fool-proof method for preparing this dish. It seems like this recipe is one of the more tricky ones to prepare. I found an great step by step (with pictures too) set of instructions from lilyng2000.blogspot.com. So since my sister is allergic to prawn I decided to use shredded chinese mushroom, ground pork and finely-diced lap cheong as my Chee Cheong Fun add-ins.
My dad had also purchased some Yao Char Kuey, and I used it to make one of my favorite Yum Cha dishes... Yao Char Kueh wrapped in Rice Paper.

My parents quite enjoyed both of my breakfast dishes. Mom was very impressed that I could make Chee Cheong Fun, and so was I :P My sister appreciated the effort I put into making her the Cheong Fun without shrimp, and she gobble it down. I enjoyed mine with some good old hoisin sauce and sesame seeds. Mom and dad like their's with soy sauce, sesame seeds, sambal olek and sesame oil. My sis just likes it plain, with maybe a little bit of hoisin. Whatever way you eat this dish, it's delicious... believe me!

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Caroline said...

My husband is visiting China right now for the first time and I asked him to tell me what they eat for breakfast there. The cultures of the world have such different breakfast habits!