Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Richmond Night Market!! 2007 (Part 1)

My family makes it a tradition to go to the Richmond Night Market, at least 2 times during the course of the summer. After hearing that this may be it's final year we had to make an effort to go. On Friday we drove down as usual around 5pm... to beat the heavy traffic going into Richmond. And as always, since the RNM isn't fully up-and-running until 7pm, we had dinner at the Richmond Hon's.
Whenever we go to Hon's I always order their wonton soup with thin egg-noodles... you may say, "Why such a boring meal?". But Hon's is known for their wonton and for their noodles; if you have not tried wonton at Hon's, then you have not tried wonton!

My sister loves udon and will eat it plain if she gets the chance (me, I'm not a huge fan... to doughy for my liking). She ordered the udon noodles with soup and fishballs.
My mom and dad ordered the roasted duck on egg noodles, and I may have helped myself to a nibble... tehehe. My other sister isn't a huge fan of egg/soup noodles, so we order some wat than hor for her to eat.

So, there's our Richmond Hon's dining experience in a nutshell... and it's basically the same everytime we go to Hon's. We usually dine at the coquitlam location, but Richmond is just as good (although they seem to give smaller portions). Anywho, I will continue writing about the Night Market in my next post. Stay tuned...

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