Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bubble World

Rating **** out of *****
Okay, so this is basically another post about my sister's 12th birthday. Seems like we do a lot of celebrating within this family of five, doesn't it? Well, the movie thing is considered the "family celebration"... but I decided to treat Jacqueline to a fun outing with just Janessa and I, no parentals involved! Boy was she excited. It was probably the first time we'd ever gone out for a meal without mom and dad around (to monitor what we ordered :P). I decided to take my sisters to the Bubble World in Surrey, they'd never been and were very intrigued...

Jacqueline: "Cool"
Janessa: "They serve food and bubble tea? Amazing!"
Me: "Yup!" *drool*

Janessa settled on the rice noodle bowl... it was only $4.95 and as big as my face!!! She couldn't finish the whole thing (even with our help :P) so we packed half of it to go! P.S. it was really tastey

Jacqueline wanted to try out their Curry-yaki Udon. It was also a very large portion, and not too spicy. $6.95

Can't go to Bubble World without buying a milk tea. Since Jacqueline isn't too fond of milk tea, Janessa and I shared a banana one. It was only so-so, tasted like a banana smoothie... I could probably make it at home. $4.25 (pretty pricey for a drink... I think it's more expensive if you dine in, than if you take out)

I think these gyoza were the highlight of the meal, for my sisters anyways. They devoured these deliciously crisp and juicy pockets of pork + veggies like wild dogs :P $4.95 for eight, which ain't bad (pardon the pun)

I couldn't figure out what I wanted until the very last minute. Their menu has such a variety of dishes and flavours for quite reasonable prices. Eventually I settled on the Satay Lamb lunch set...

Which came with a beansprout salad...

Braised tofu...

And of course, the satay lamb. I had never tasted lamb before, and though it slightly reminded me of salted fish (you know, the one that smells like stinky feet). It had a very intense, yet addictive flavour and the satay sauce was very rich. For only $6.95, and coming with a bowl of rice as well, I thought that my dish was the best deal of the day.

But who cares about deals? It's Jackie's Birthday!!! Hope you had a great time with your sisters, can't wait to do it again next year...

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