Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kwik-E-Mart in Coquitlam

I've been anticipating the release of the "Simpsons Movie" and it comes out the same day as my sister's birthday, so maybe it'll be her little birthday treat since she loves the Simpsons too. But until watching the news the other night I was unaware that Canada's own Coquitlam 7-eleven had transformed itself into the Kwik-E-Mart. For those of you who are not familiar with the Simpsons, the Kwik-E-Mart is the local corner store owned by the lovable Apu. I was so excited to visit the store and was impressed that of all the 7-elevens in Canada, the one in Coquitlam had the honor of becoming the Kwik-E-Mart... if I were to guess, I would have thought they'd make it in Toronto or something. But no, they've chosen beautiful British Columbia.

Hey! How did Bart and Millhouse get up there?

Most of the good stuff was gone by the time we arrived. I guess we shouldn't have put off going to the store until so late, seeing as it opened at the beginning of July... but who knew that the Simpsons were so popular :P

We did manage to grab ourselves some refreshing Squishees though. I decided to try out the new Blue Wohoo Vanilla. It was actually pretty good. It tasted almost like a vanilla sherbert, and the best part is that it gives your tongue a dashing blue hue.

Seemed like a very busy day for the Kwik-E-Mart. I had to hang out with Marge and Comic-book Guy while drinking my Squishee... jkjk I just wanted a picture with these two :P

Hey Ralph! Where's your dad?

There he is! Chief Wiggum and his beloved donut... I want one!

And a donut I shall get. Heck! Why not make it 2?

Apu's watching you... remember, "A mounds bar is not a sprinkle. A Twizzler is not a sprinkle. A jolly rancher is not a sprinkle sir. Perhaps in Shangri-la they are, but not here!” ~ Apu

Hehehe... I want one of those Kwik-E-Mart bowling shirts, they're ever so stylish!

Oh, Apu... such smart marketing strategy. Blatantly rip off the customer so that they don't think they're being ripped off!

Over all the trip was fun. Although they didn't have Krusty-O's (which I really wanted to try), Buzz Cola, the collectable cups/straws, the Radioactive Man comic or practically anything I did enjoy myself. Whoever came up with this marketing ploy (probably not Apu) was a genius... I just wish that they would have anticipated the excitement that this promotion would create and stocked up on more of the Simpsons merchandise. I asked around and it seems that they're not getting anymore shipments in anytime soon... which is a bummer, but don't worry the 7-eleven in Coquitlam is not the only one that sells the Simpsons merch. I decided to stake out the 7-eleven in Cloverdale and I managed to grab the 5 collectable cups and a 6-pack of Buzz Cola. Sadly, I am still in search of Krusty-O's... I hear that they'r just like Fruit Loops but 10 times more artificial. So maybe it's a good thing I didn't find it :P

I am definitely going to go see the movie on JULY 27TH!!! It's gonna be great... hopefully I'll get to watch it on the IMAX screen *crosses-fingers*. I should probably buy my tickets soon!

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