Saturday, July 07, 2007

Richmond Candy Finds

I took a wonderous trip down to Richmond a while back and just remembered about these candies I had purchased from "Candy Land". This store is located on the 2nd flour of Yaohan and has the widest array of sweets you've ever seen. I didn't have all the money in the world (darn) or I would have probably bought everything in the store. Some of the candies are priced pretty high, and for good reason. You can only find some of them in little shops like "Candy Land" otherwise you'd have to travel to China to get your hands on things like...

Adzuki Bean Flavoured Kit Kats!!! (They also had the strawberry + almond flavour, but my sister's allergic to nuts) I was actually hoping to find their green tea, melon or passionfruit flavours... but you can't be too picky about these things. I never knew about the crazy world of kit kats before that day, for more info/exciting flavours to try check out the wikipedia webpage on kit kats and be amazed!

Knowing me and my money saving abilities, you can probably guess that I went for some candies that were on sale. This box of various chocolate goodies was originally priced at $2.99, but today I found it marked for $1.99 ... Wahoo!
Inside the box were little triangular packets of chocolate. The banana shaped/flavoured ones were amazing and did not taste artificial at all. The strawberry ones were 2nd only to the banana ones. There were also "smarties" and the chocolate "jimmie-like" candies which weren't anything to rave about. There were 11 packet in all; 2 each of the "jimmies", strawberries and bananas... and 5 stupid packs of the "smarties". Oh well, next time maybe I'll buy one big box of the banana ones :)

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