Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Backyard Picnic-ing

Wahoo! Summer is really here. Enough of that crazy snow (although it did snow in Kamloops just last week!) and on with the summer sun. And nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned picnic. Since my parents were out working, me and my sisters decided to have a picnic in our grand backyard... okay, it's not so grand but we love it :P

We played some frisbee, some uno and had a ton of fun blowing bubbles. I think my dog actually had the most fun on the picnic... prancing around "his" territory and trying to catch the bubbles.

And of course a picnic is nothing without picnic food...

Your traditional pasta salad... my sisters' favourite

Egg salad sandwich on a white bun, chicken sandwich with basil mayo on 12-grain bread

I also packed some nutritious cantaloupe, as well as skewers consisting of cubed cheese, grapes and pepperoni. Hanging out in the sun was fun, but too much of it and you feel all icky. After the picnic, we headed inside for some time in the shade...

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