Monday, August 06, 2007

Cultus Lake Camping (Part 1)

Jacques seems hungry for scrambled eggs!

Well, I took the BC long-weekend off from work/blogging to relax on a grand camping trip to Cultus Lake with the family. We really enjoyed ourselves... even my puppy :) The last time we took him on a trip with us he decided that breakfast wasn't going to stay in his tummy, but lucky for us, this time he managed to control himself! We left home around 2pm and were raring to get to Entrance Bay and pitch our tent. We were camping with our bible study group, everyone else was at the campsite to greet us. We reached the campground around 4pm, because the traffic on the highway was brutal. It only took us 15 minutes to set up the tents and mattresses, and by then we were all starving for something to eat! Sadly, I didn't really have time to prep any treats for the trip... but that didn't matter, we had tons of goodies and food to last a whole two weeks if necessary. Dinner for that evening was a bbq chicken wings and chow mein, yes even when camping we dine well... Or at least we try...

After dinner we decided to scout out the amenities provided us by the camp. Last time we camped at Cultus Lake we stayed at the Sunnyside Campgrounds, which seemed to be larger and closer to the beach than the one we occupied this year. Entrance Bay was a ways away from the beach, we had to cross the road and then a parking lot before we could see the water. But the water was worth the walk. We had tons of fun playing around on the grassy/sandy beach... volleyball, swimming, tanning and just relaxing from the hectic chaos of everyday life.

The only complaint I have was with the bathroom facilities at the site. First of all, it was a whole ten campsites away from ours... okay, that's not really the campsite's fault but I just wanted to get that out. Also, it only had two stalls and one shower *grumble*. One of the stalls had a toilet that would randomly flush and stay that way... flushing, and on two occassions the facilities ran out of toilet paper!! Luckily, I always carry extra tissue with me but still... what are we paying for? Oh, well... enough complainig and on with the show!

That next morning my dad woke up early (partly because he's an early riser and partly because our dog woke him up for an early morning walk) and so he prepared a hearty breakfast for us late risers. We enjoyed some toast, breakfast sausages, scrambled eggs and vegetable omelettes. And after that energizing breakfast what were we to do? How about a two-hour hike? Jacqueline wasn't to excited to go on a hike...

Mmmm... My lone piece of toast with it's friend PB

Dad's breakfast sausages

Grilling the veggies for...

the veggie omelettes!

Jackie: Isn't this suppose to be a vacation?

Janessa: Yup, but hiking is so much fun!

We went on the Seven Sisters trail and had a blast, sadly my pops couldn't come :( He had to stay behind and watch the dog... don't think the puppy would have survived the grueling up-hill climb. After the sweaty two-hours, we decided to commence relaxation by hanging out by the beach. The water was wonderful, not too warm and not too cold. Both Friday and Saturday were perfect... so what to do on Sunday?

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