Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Singapore!!! Sorry It's Belated :)

I can't believe that it slipped my mind that it was Singapore's Birthday. Only after I started browsing my list of foodie blogs did I become reminded of this most important of days. I was in a rush and had no idea what to whip up for a celebration, so I copped out and made probably the easiest recipe I know that used Singapore's colors (red and white). Red Rubies dessert in sweet coconut milk. You can find the recipe almost anywhere on the internet... I used my own recipe, but being too lazy to type it out I give you this website. Its basically the same thing, except since I kinda ran out of tapioca starch I substituted potato starch and the results were the same.

Okay, so the Red Rubies turned out a bit more pink than red... not sure what kind of dye to use in order to get that vibrant red? Anyways, the dessert was delicious and I decided to really jazz it up by adding shaved ice and grass jelly. It was a real treat, being that it had been a really humid day. My dad, who had spent the entire day outside working on the house (mowing, power washing, weeding etc.) was very appreciative of the cooling dessert. My mom and sister loved it too.

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