Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fairmont... a trip to the interior! (Part 1)

DAY 1: Sunday

Woot! Only a week after coming home from our Cultus Lake camping adventure, my family headed out on the road again. But this time it was a 10hr long trip to the small (Alberta-esc) town of Fairmont. We started our trip on the Sunday morning at 3 a.m.!!! Don't even ask me how I managed to wake up that early... actually, I barely got any sleep the night before. So 3 a.m. came and we all scuttled into our big red van and were hitting the road. It was good that we started out so early, there was very minimal traffic on HWY 1 and the road was quiet enough that me and my sisters could take a nice long nap.

By the time we woke up from our nap, we were already 4 hrs into our journey. And you know what that means?! Breakfast-time. The main reason I woke up was due to my grumbling tummy, and at 4hrs Eastbound on HWY 1 we were nearing in the Kamloops area. It was an easy choice as to where to stop for breakfast... seems like we always have on-the-road breakfasts at Mickey D's.

The ultimate on-the-road breakfast... the Egg McMuffin

After filling our tummies and our gas tank, it was time to hit the road once more. I decided that since the first 4 hrs went by so smoothly whilst I slept, why not sleep the rest of the way?! It was a brilliant scheme, that was also followed by my two younger sisters. And by the time we woke up it was lunch-time in Golden. Man, this is the life...

Literally, sleeping between meals... lunch at A&W.

From Golden, Fairmont was only about 2.5 hrs away so I decided to stay awake. What did I do to pass the time? Played a little sudoku, listened to my iriver and chatted with the sisters... and in no time at all we were in Invermere. This little town was the closest one (30mins) to Fairmont, so we decided to stock up on some grocery supplies before checking into the resort.

I couldn't believe this was the only "supermarket" around for miles!

After purchasing the necessities (Kraft Dinner, canned soup, waffles, ice cream, meat and eggs) we were more than ready to check into our Fairmont Villa. Just another half-hour to go!!!
When we reached the resort the first thing my sisters did (after helping unload the van, of course :P) was turn on the television. My parents started organizing all of our belongings and I went to explore... what else, but the KITCHEN!

Nothing to rave about, but certainly not-to-shabby! I can work with this :)

So what did we do for the rest of the week? Stay tuned...

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