Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fairmont... a trip to the interior! (Part 2)

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Day 2: Monday
Like all mornings, my sisters and I spent a good chunk of time lounging around the villa and watching tv (I have become addicted to the Food Network). The parents decided that they'd wake up super early and go out for golfing and by the time they got back it was noon. I prepared some Mac 'n Cheese for us to eat and after that we were ready to check out the recreational facilities. The lounge at Fairmont Villas is pretty nice. There's a large "living room" type area that has many sofas for you to relax in, a pool table, a number of puzzle tables and SHUFFLE BOARD!

Although I have officially claimed the title of "Suckiest Shuffler Ever" it was tons of fun to play.

After that, we booked a squash court for Tuesday 2pm, rented a couple DVDs and headed back to our "holiday home" for more R&R.

Day 3: Tuesday

A pretty simple cat puzzle, awww to cute

I candidly took this photo of my parents playing squash. When it came around to my turn, I was surprisingly good.

After a rigorous game of squash, it was time to cool off in the pool.

Day 4: Wednesday

After playing squash, we fell in love with racket sports. Lucky for us, our parents packed the tennis gear! Woot!

I got pretty into tennis. Although not quite "pro" we had a great time playing.

I swear this is what the box looked like :P But seriously, who could possibly finish all that sky?

Day 5: Thursday

Okay, the lounge held some pretty cool social events (ie. stretch classes, crafts etc.) but these $1 "ice cream sundaes" were just sad.

Spending the day at Invermere's Lakeside Beach

The beach was really beautiful

Stopped for Dinner at the local restaurant... I think I'll post a review later

Day 6: Friday

Literally the day for doing nothing but relaxing at the resort. We spent basically the entire day playing fun board games and spending family time together. Cranium was fun, but I think we all had the best time playing Pictionary. After realizing that we all had artistic challenges, we re-invented the game by using the cards to play charades (which was way more fun). Who knew you could spend 4 hours playing a single board-game (that isn't Monopoly)? Later that day, I went to a stretch class with mom and after that we met up with the rest of the family at the pool. Ah... what a life!

Day 7: Saturday

My sisters decided to stay in the hotel, but I went with my parents out to Invermere for the Farmer's Market.

Not much to see at the Market. Just a bunch of fruits & veggies, home-baked cookies & pies and native crafts. But the bread-man with his portable oven caught my eye.

I decided to buy a "Brezel" from him... yummers

Walking past the Farmers Market, I stumbled upon the "Quality Bakery". With a name like that, it has to be good! I couldn't help but take a look

My parents wanted A&W for lunch, but I had a different plan... for some reason I was craving a panini (and it seemed Gerry's Gelati was the place to get one)

I was so excited to have actually completed a five-storey card tower!

Day 8: Sunday

Oh, boy... I can't believe a week had gone by already. Time to wake up at 2 a.m. and start heading home.

No McDonald's Breakfast for me! I'm going Canadian with my Tim Hortons!

Although a grueling 10hr drive to the interior of BC, this trip was full of family fun. I can't wait for next summer, wonder what adventures we'll have then. Well, I guess it's almost back to school for me... summer can't last forever :P

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