Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wow! My favorite how did you know?

Valentine's day is awesome, but what's truly great is when someone you love makes you the perfect dessert! My dad is an awesome cook, I guess that's where my culinary flare comes from, and just the other day he made one of my favorite singaporean desserts... Bubur Cha Cha. He doesn't really use a recipe, so I can't really post it... sorry guys. But it's amazing watching him at work; it seems as if it takes no effort at all. He just dumps all the ingredients in the pressure cooker and leaves it be for about 2 hrs and voila! The perfect Bubur Cha Cha everytime. My pop always adds in the best ingredients; this time it was sweet potato, purple yam and taro... delicious. The rest of the ingredients are standard for your regular Bubur Cha Cha; rock sugar, coconut milk (the good thick stuff), sago pearls. If you want some recipes go to: or Little Corner of Mine (They're not quite the same as my dad's but it looks close -- aside from those colorful starch things... weird!)

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