Monday, February 26, 2007

Pretzels? Bread? Turtles?

I had a desire to make something using yeast today. Don't quite know why, but I just wanted to smell freshly baked yeast goods come out of the oven. Isn't that the best smell ever? I was browsing through a couple of blogs and stumbled upon many different versions of turtle bread. They were all so cute that I decided I had to make some of my own. The fact is, I haven't really had much experience with yeast (I actually think it hates me) so I was determined to make the turtle bread recipe perfectly. I used the pretzel recipe from and got the instructions to shape the loaf from Albeit, my loaf didn't turn out exactly like the crocker one, but I still think it's darned cute!

As you can see I also made a few pudgey looking pretzels... I wasn't in the mood for anything really salty, so I covered the pretzels with demerara sugar. They were so delicious fresh out of the oven; warm, light and sweet... one of the best breakfasts I'd ever had. No need for butter or jam, they had just the right flavor all by themselves. My parents really enjoyed the pretzels/bread turtles, and my sisters were nice enough to tell me that my pretzels looked like little "turds" but still tasted good (How sweet!).

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