Thursday, February 08, 2007

Good-Morning All!

You should know one thing about me by now. I love to make my own goodies, and I would much rather bake cookies and brew my own coffee than spend money at Starbuck's for their low quality snacks and mediocre coffee. Well, for Christmas I had bought my parents a moka pot. I actually use it more than they do... infact I don't think they've ever used it. It's always just me making coffee for the family in the mornings (I don't mind of course). So anyways, I used this moka pot to make some really awesome eggnog lattes for breakfast this morning. I had bought the coffee from Safeway (I just love using the in store grinder, honestly there's no point in buying one when you can ground it for free at the store) just the other day and decided to bring a little holiday cheer into the house, even though Christmas is long gone. So I brewed some espresso, frothed some milk with my handy dandy milk frother (duh!) and used the stencils I had bought from Daizo to fancy up the regular cups of joe. Take a look! Just a few stencils and some cocoa powder and you turn boring into beautiful!

I also decided to whip up a batch of breakfast cookies; oatmeal and raisin is my favorite but my sisters aren't big fans. So I used a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe, divided it into thirds and made one batch oatmeal raisin, one batch chocolate butterscotch chip, and one batch butterscotch coconut. De-licious! Always nice to wake up to a wonderfully nutritious breakfast, eh? hehehe :P

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