Sunday, February 18, 2007


Well guys, I didn't really go all out in baking goodies this CNY (although that doesn't really matter, because we got a ton of treats from T&T... as you've seen in my previous post) but I did manage to make at least one treat. One of my favorites... Kueh Bangkit. I used the recipe from Little Corner of Mine and the kueh turned out beautifully; light, crisp and melt-in-your-mouth. Didn't have parchement paper to line my trays with, so I generously covered each tray with tapioca starch. I made many shapes using small cookie cutters, but really wish I had the real Kueh Bangkit moulds. Pictured above are my cute little piggies; I had to make them by hand... and they took a while (me being a perfectionist and all) so I only made a couple. They are so cute and I think they truly encompass the spirit of the Fire Boar. My sisters loved the cookies and my parents said they tasted just like the real thing. We've decided to eat the pig one's last... maybe on the last day of the lunar new year. Seems fitting, eh?

So, I've decided that I must invest in buying some traditional kueh moulds. Some for Bangkit, Ang Koo and Mooncakes. Can't find them in stores though. I've only seen the bangkit and mooncake one's online at (still not sure if I trust buying stuff off the internet... we'll see).

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