Friday, February 16, 2007


Well Chinese New Year is just a day and little bit away. I decided I had to make at least one post about it... after all I am chinese! How could I miss one of our largest celebrations??!?! Well, today I went to my favorite supermarket T&T and amazingly found a lot of caucasians shopping there. I guess everyone wants in on the chinese culture... after all, we are an incredible people are we not? I found the cutest looking Hongbao in store and had to buy them, pictured above. I figured after 18 yrs of getting money from my parents it's about time I started sharing prosperity. Aren't they cute? And when you pull on a side-tab it opens to reveal a chinese new year symbol... and of course the money! I bought the Hongbao on impulse and actually was a T&T looking for a fish nian gao mold. I found the nian gao and decided to buy it. The cake came with the mold still encasing it... I hope the mold can be reused *crosses fingers* we'll just have to wait and see. But anyways, the store bought nian gao looked so cute how could I pass up the opportunity to but it, and at only $1.99 it was a steal!

Thinking of making some special desserts for CNY, not quite sure if I have the time... but we'll see. If I don't have, a HAPPY NEW YEAR; and if I do then I will see you soon! (Hypothetically speaking)

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