Monday, February 19, 2007

BBQ Portobello Burger

For some reason, today I decided to eat something healthy. Already had quite a filling lunch (from subway); and still being in the mood for a food that I could eat with my hands I decided to make some "hamburgers". I bought some huge portobello mushrooms from Ralph's Farmer's Market and since the rest of my family was eating beef burgers, I decided to just toss a mushroom onto the grill along with their meat and enjoy a hearty (and heart healthy) dinner.
I basically just removed the stem from the mushroom and grilled it for about 4 minutes on either side. I then added BBQ sauce during the last minute of cooking and transferred it onto a toasted bun. Tossed a couple veggies on the burger and smothered it in mustard (the best condiment ever). Looked just like a regular hamburger (notice I said regular and not McDonald's, those are just disturbing) and tasted just like mushrooms... I love mushrooms.

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